About Me

About Muhammad Saleem

Why should you take advice from a stranger on the internet? It’s a good question that I hope to answer by telling you more about myself.

Life up to 2010

In terms of my upbringing, education, and professional life, I’ve generally been very successful and am incredibly grateful for that. As far as my health is concerned, I wasn’t always as happy as I am in the photo above. Back in June, 2010, I was celebrating my 25th birthday when a close friend of mine took me aside, pointed to the people around us and said, “Mu, what’s the point of all this success if you aren’t going to be around to enjoy it? You don’t just owe it to yourself but you owe it to all of us to take better care of yourself.” She was referring to the facts that – I was over 210 lb (at 5’7″), had incredibly poor eating habits, was mostly dormant, and would smoke up to a pack of cigarettes a day.

Taking her advice to heart, I made an appointment with my doctor a few days later. As expected, the results were horrifying. I needed to make drastic lifestyle changes and I had to start right away.

The Next 12 Months

I spent the weeks after my doctor’s appointment researching the best ways to lose weight, eat better, get active, and quit smoking (and even drinking to a great extent). It’s surprising how much misinformation is out there – people trying to sell subscriptions, magazines, weight loss programs, weight loss pills, and so many other things that are ultimately not helpful to people who are really in need of a lifestyle change.

With a lot of searching I found some good sites, forums, and books that helped me make a radical transformation in the first 12 months.

Muhammad Saleem Before and After

I had learned that healthy weight loss should not exceed more than 1 lb per week so I set a realistic goal and achieved it. I went from 210 lb to 150 lb in the first 12 months.

Living A Healthy Life Today

Since then, I’ve lost another 25 lb to reach my goal of 125 lb and have maintained it for over 2 years now. It was not easy, I made mistakes, and I learned a lot along the way. This website is based entirely on the healthy lifestyle changes that helped me lose 90 lb, maintain my current weight, and even build muscle along the way.

My goal is simple – to share with you everything I’ve learned about losing body fat and building lean muscle mass in the easiest and most manageable way possible. This is purely an educational site that will teach you the basics of good nutrition and serve as a daily nutrition guide, that educates you so you can make your own healthy decision about grocery shopping and meal planning.

I want to save you the trouble of researching and finding bad information like I did. I want to help you avoid died fads, diet myths, and diet programs designed to make money rather than help you. I want you to enjoy the same benefits of good health that I’ve been enjoying the last few years.

I want you to contact me directly if you have any questions at all about health, fitness, and nutrition that I can help you with.

How To Read This Website

Even if you already know some of the basics, I still recommend starting with the guide on the Diet Database homepage. It is the best way to refamiliarize yourself with the core concepts and learn new things along the way.