How to Lose Weight Fast: Safe & Easy

No, this is not a fad diet. This is a scientifically proven and medically recommended diet used by obese people to help them achieve rapid fat loss before they transition to a more moderate diet, such as our easy diet plan. The goal of this diet is safe and healthy rapid weight loss  that comes mostly from fat while preserving lean muscle. It is important to keep in mind this diet is not an alternative to a healthy everyday diet, and should only be used for short durations for rapid fatloss before you return to a more moderate and healthy everyday diet.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet: The Science

As you may recall from our discussion of the low-carb diet, Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy. If your body does not get enough Carbohydrates, it can switch to breaking down lean muscle and fat for energy. The problem is, your body will revert to muscle before fat, and we don’t want that. To accomplish this, we will combine a low-carb diet with a high protein diet. As you know by now, if you consume enough Protein, and minimal Carbohydrates, you can force your body to use fat deposits for energy.

The resulting rapid breakdown of fat (since your body almost exclusively uses stored fat for energy) will put your body in a state of Ketosis,  which results in a degree of appetite loss (which further helps in achieving fast weight loss).

3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast

Now that you understand the science, here are the three simple steps you need to follow this easy rapid fat loss diet.

Step 1: Only eat this – Most of the calories you eat must come from lean proteins with the remainder coming from high fiber vegetables and legumes. Refer to our lists to make this step even easier for you: high protein meats, high protein fish, high protein cheeses, high protein vegetables, high fiber vegetables, and high fiber legumes.

Step 2: Only drink this – You should not consume any drinks with positive net calories and avoid drinks with caffeine. Instead, primarily drink water, plain decaf coffee, and green tea to maximize weight loss. No soda, juice, or alcohol whatsoever.

Step 3: Take your supplements – Since you will primarily be consuming high-protein lean meats along with some high-fiber vegetables, you will need to use a multivitamin supplement to make sure you’re getting any nutrients you miss out on while on this diet.

Note: Drinking enough fluids is extremely important in this diet. Not only will it help you lose water weight, but it will help with an overall feeling of fullness, facilitating fat loss, and making sure your organs aren’t overtaxed.

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

If you don’t want to follow the guide above, there is an even easier way to lose weight fast and it only requires one step. This is something I personally used when I was first starting to lose weight and transitioned off from after a few weeks. Don’t want to do groceries, don’t want to cook, and just want to lose weight fast? Here’s what you do:

Remember, our goals are to be on a high-protein, low-carb diet where we eat primarily lean proteins and high fiber vegetables. What you can do is, replace your protein requirement with a protein shake that is easy to prepare and will give you all the protein you need with no excess carbs or fat.

Once you know your protein requirements, simply replace 1-2 meals per day with a protein shake. This is my personal recommendation:

Not only is Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein instantized (meaning it mixes without requiring a shaker and is never lumpy), but it gives you the following per scoop: 24g Protein, 3g Carbohydrate, 1g Fat for only 120 calories! 

When I need to lose fat fast, I will make two shakes (one for breakfast and one for dinner), each with two scoops mixed in 250ml of water, and have a big bowl of broccoli or mixed vegetables in the afternoon. This means I only consume approximately 600 calories per day and have lost an average of 3-4 pounds per week.

Lose Weight Fast Diet Meal

Lose Weight Fast Diet Meal

Quick Weight Loss Tips Roundup

  • Follow a combination of high-protein and low-carb diet
  • The majority of your calories must come from lean sources of protein and some from high-fiber vegetables and legumes
  • During this rapid fat loss diet, working out may be extremely difficult, so you may want to stop for a week and resume slowly
  • Take your daily multi-vitamin and drink lots of water (more than you normally would)